When it comes to Hospital furniture durability, aesthetic and ergonomics play a paramount role. Relatively, as Hospitallium™ we do everything under our power to keep our production standards in accordance with these requirements. A small mistake in production can lead to a great loss of resources. Hospitallium™ management is committed to perfection: Punctuality, sensitivity, and accuracy are of paramount importance in the production process of hospital furniture manufacturing.

Since the very beginning, Hospitallium™ has been focused on the happiness of its clients. We don’t want thousands of customers who would buy only once, we want regular dealers who trust us. In order to achieve the perfect service, our group has invested millions of dollars to our CRM systems, IT systems, manufacturing to minimize production time. Contact us and you will understand what we mean.

All about Hospital Furniture

The focal point of Hospitallium™ is “hospital furniture”. With our other sister companies, we are able to offer best furniture solutions ever possible. In the line of hospital furniture that we are manufacturing we have achieved amazing results in a remarkably short time.

Our central idea is that every hospital environment has a story and that furniture is a great means for telling it. When we’re doing our initial programming on any model or project, we get all the basics—metal, plastic, motorized beds, sponge, glass, finishings and so on—but we also want to make sure that our dealers are satisfied with doing business with us and that end users are satisfied with our products.

We think of this process of hospital furniture manufacturing as be spoke design—and we apply it to every stage of our production: Be it a strechers, pediatric beds, examination couches,home care products or any other hospital furniture item.

We’re excited about what’s happening in the hospital furniture design world—and thrilled to be a part of the agenda setting.

Do browse the latest collection of our modern outdoor and garden furniture series and you will find out the impressive achievement of our dedicated team.

All of our hospital furniture products are manufactured in Turkey. We do believe that Hospitallium™ is an entirely new approach to Turkish made hospital furniture solutions.

Depending on your hospital furniture requirements, you can order our gynecological examination chairs, two motors eco bed, hospital beds, hospital chairs, hospital delivery beds, pediatric beds, patient room furniture, serum holders, accompaniment chairs, strechers, home care products and other hospital furniture products manufactured in Hospitallium™ factory.

Become our dealer in your country/city and enjoy the business with us!