Hospitallium is a manufacturer of durable hospital furniture and equipment. All products are produced in Turkey. We produce our products in accordance with today’s world, in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, durability, long life, reasonable price. . If you are looking for a durable gynecology bed, dermatology bed, durable patient bed, pediatric bed, treatment bed, hydraulic bed, wooden patient bed, hospital bed, wooden hospital bed, you can find at Hospitallium website. If you need affordable hospital beds, ergonomic patient beds, durable patient beds, safe patient beds, please reach us. Also we are manufacturing Bedside Cabinet,Cabinet With Bed Table, Two Doors Patient Room Cabinet, Single Door Patient Room Cabinet, Stool with Backrest, Stool without Backrest, MDF Bed Table With Manual Height Adjustment, Polypropylene Bed Table, Negatoscope, Folding Screen, Oxygen Tube Transport Trolley, Folding Examination Table,  Wooden Examination Table, Waiting Chair, please reach us. We are also manufacturing, Companion Seat, Haemodialysis and Chemoteraphy Chair, Blood Letting Chair, wood Spine Board, plastic Spine Board, Emergency Trolley, Patient Bedside Nightstand, Plaster Preparation Table, Tool Trolley, Single Eskoba, Double Eskoba, Device Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Waiting Seat. If you have questions such as what is the hospital equipment price, trolley prices, stainless trolley prices, how much is a trolley, waiting chair manufacturer in Turkey, waiting chair prices, price of hospital items, how much is the hospital equipment, hospital equipment prices, hospital equipments near me, hospital equipment price list, hospital equipment price, hospital equipment catalogue, durable hospital equipment manufacturers in turkey, durable patient equipment materials, ergonomic hospital equipment prices, hospital equipment vendors in Turkey, durable hospital equipment rental, you can contact Hospitallium, the leading hospital furniture manufacturer in Turkey.

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