Emergency Bed,Electric Hospital Bed,Electric Patient Bed, Electric patient beds, Hospital Bed manufacturer from Turkey. Turkish origin high quality manual and Electric  patient beds. Reliable Electric patient bed manufacturer from Turkey. C1000 Electric Patient Bed, C2000 Electric Patient Bed, C3000 Electric  Patient Bed, c4000 Electric Patient Bed. If you are looking comfortable Electric  patient beds, durable Electric  patient beds, ergonomic Electric patient beds, motorized patient beds, two motors patient beds, three motors patient beds, four motors Electric patient beds you are in the right address. Hospitallium Electric  Patient Beds have ergonomic design, adjustable functions, affordable prices. Under this category you can find 2 function Electric patient beds, 3 function Electric  patient beds. Also, 4 function Electric patient beds, ergonomic transfer beds, emergency strecthers, gynecology beds, gynecology chairs, pedriatic beds, blood letting chairs. We are manufacturing wooden motorized patient beds, metal motorized patient beds, examination tables, baby cots, ergonomic patient chairs are available. If you are asking, price of Electric   patient beds, how much is an Electric patient bed, how much is a Electric beds, price of hospital furniture, Electric patient bed price, please reach us for a quotation.

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