How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress

How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress

Let us answer How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress? question. Current recommended practice is to first clean the mattress surface in place with detergent and water, then rinse, then use a chemical disinfectant at a manufacturer-approved pH for the appropriate contact time, followed by rinsing.

How To Disinfect A Hospital Mattress?

1. Procedures are rarely completed properly, especially rinsing, which negatively affects the value of the process.

2. Cleaning, wiping, and treatment with a chemical disinfectant tends to break down the mattress surface material, making it more porous and increasing the likelihood of bodily fluids entering the mattress core.

How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress

3. The problem is compounded by the time it takes to properly clean and sanitize a mattress using a chemical treatment. It is rarely done right. An improperly sterilized mattress surface and underlying mattress core can be a source of cross-contamination by passing pathogens from the person in the previous bed to the next patient using the mattress.

How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress
How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress

Available Alternatives

Let us answer How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress question. UV devices are often advertised as turnkey solutions for disinfecting patient rooms after one patient leaves the room and before another enters. In practice, the mattress is rarely fully exposed to UV light during room treatment, and UV-C cannot penetrate the bed textiles. How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress

Another method is to remove the bed from the facility, then vacuum both sides of the bed and expose it to UV light, dry steam, ozone and infrared heat. Although the method is effective, it is relatively expensive and not suitable for daily use in sterilizing hospital beds after room turnover. Also, a mattress cleaned in this way will quickly become re-contaminated, destroying the completeness of the process.Have you find a way for How To Sanitize A Hospital Mattress?

Best solution

Research shows that some washable waterproof mattress covers are the best solution in healthcare to protect mattresses and prevent exposure.

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