How to choose a more affordable hospital bed?

How to choose a more affordable hospital bed?

How to choose a more affordable hospital bed? What features make a hospital bed cheaper? Need an affordable hospital bed? As Hospitallium, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of hospital beds and hospital furniture, we will share with you our long-standing experience.

First of all, the most important task of a hospital bed is to ensure that the patient recovers as soon as possible and to provide the necessary comfort during the illness. You can review the general questions about hospital beds from this link.

How to choose a more affordable hospital bed?
How to choose a more affordable hospital bed?

First of all, if you need an affordable hospital bed, you have to decide what features you need. Back adjustment, knee adjustment, height adjustment and trendelenburg adjustment are the most important functions of a hospital bed.

Back adjustment is the most classic adjustment of hospital beds. It enables the patients to take the necessary position while talking to their relatives, watching TV, and eating.

Knee adjustment generally ensures that the patient’s foot and knee positions are taken, blood circulation becomes appropriate, and the patient relaxes.

The height adjustment, on the other hand, facilitates the patient’s access to the dining table, facilitating his transfer to the wheelchair, and making it easier to reach the appropriate position for treatment.

Likewise, the trendelenburg adjustment enables positions that make it easier for doctors to intervene during the treatment process. Click here to reach our blog page.


If you have patients with normal or less mobility in your hospital or clinic, hospital beds with back and knee adjustment will be sufficient for you. A hospital bed with minimal qualifications will greatly reduce your overall cost, as each motor means extra cost. In addition, choosing a manual bed instead of an electric bed is an important consideration for your budget. A manual hospital bed is much more affordable than an electric hospital bed. Click here to reach Hospital Bed Types blog.

Also another important point is the material of the headboards and railings. Preferring Metal headboards and railings instead of aluminum will create a significant price difference. As Turkey’s leading hospital bed and furniture manufacturer Hospitallium, we manufacture according to the wishes and needs of our customers and offer the most competitive prices to our customers. Click here to reach all of our hospital beds.

 If you have other questions or still need help choosing the right hospital bed, give us a call today. We will be happy to assist you. Hospitallium has been Turkey’s leading manufacturer of Hospital beds and equipment since 2005.

If you are looking for the best hospital bed supplier in Turkey, look no further than Hospitallium Hospital Furnitures.

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