Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Beds and Features

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FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features

What is Hospital Bed?

Hospital Beds are special beds that are equipped with various features, taking into account the needs of the patient. Hospital Beds help the patient to have a comfortable and efficient recovery process with back adjustment, knee adjustment, trendelenburg adjustment and height adjustment.

What are the benefits of Hospital Beds?

A hospital bed has many different benefits. Hospital Beds facilitate the care of the patient and accelerate the recovery process. In addition, Hospital Beds allow the patient to easily position herself/himself in bed in cases where patient mobility is limited.

Not only will a hospital bed provide the patient with additional comfort that a traditional bed cannot it will also increase the patient independence and keep the user safe by making it much easier for patients to get in and out of bed.

As Hospitallium, we design and manufacture our beds in line with the needs and wishes of patients.

Where are Hospital Beds used?

The usage areas of functional Hospital Beds are quite wide. They are also used in dialysis centers, health centers, clinics and beauty centers, which we are accustomed to seeing in hospitals. Hospital Beds are used in all public and private hospitals. Considering the condition of the patients in the rooms, one of the manual or motorized bed types is preferred. Trendelenburg models are preferred in intensive care units.

Five Adjustable functions of Hospital Beds

  • Backrest
  • Knee rest
  • Height adjustment
  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg

What are the Features of Manual Patient Beds?

Since these types of Hospital Beds do not have motors, they are also called manual beds. The use of these beds is a little more difficult than the motorized ones. Because a certain amount of muscle strength is required. Manual Hospital Beds are not connected to electricity. They are beds with one, two and three adjustments, and thanks to these settings, you can give the patient mobility in various ways. Patient beds with two adjustments are beds that provide movement to both the back and feet of the patient. Three adjustments provide the feature of moving up and down on the back and feet. It is absolutely necessary to have a companion in these beds.

What is the difference between Motorized Hospital Beds?

The biggest advantage of motorized Hospital Beds is that the following features are easily provided with the help of a controller or nurse control panel.  Thus, it eliminates all physical difficulties for the patient, caregiver and doctors.

1 motorized Hospital Beds only provide back adjustment.

2 motorized Hospital Beds provide back and knee adjustment.

3 motorized Hospital Beds provide back, knee adjustment and also allow height adjustment.

4 motorized Hospital Beds provide back, knee, height and Trendelenburg adjustment.

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What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Hospital Bed

The main feature that distinguishes Hospital Beds from other beds is mobility. Providing the appropriate hospitalization position for the patient’s needs helps the patient to regain his health more quickly and the treatment processes to be more efficient.

If you are in research for a patient bed, first of all, you need to choose a bed that is suitable for the patient’s physical condition, the bed should be soft and comfortable enough to make the patient’s body comfortable. Since the conditions of the patients will differ, it is an important consideration that the handrails in the bed can be removed. If the patient is able to move on his own, the patient’s bed

FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features

FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features
FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features

It should be at a height at which the patient can get up and down on the bed, or control of the bed height should be possible thanks to devices such as a control. If you want to choose an ideal patient bed, you can ask your doctor for information about this, he/she will share with you in detail the issues that you need to pay attention to, since her/his doctor is the person who knows the patient’s condition best.

Another aspect that should be taken into account when choosing a hospital bed is the quality of its equipment and the raw materials used by the manufacturer. As Hospitallium, one of the leading manufacturers of hospital furniture, we have all the necessary certificates and approvals. We are leading the industry with our long-term business relationships with our customers and positive feedback from our customers.

The Adjustments

Head adjustment

The first adjustment is the head adjustment. It is also called the backrest adjustment. Head adjustent helps raise the lower and upper body. Also, the caretaking staff or the doctors are able to maximize the patient’s movement from vertical to flat.

FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features

The head/back adjustment is exceedingly helpful when you wish the patient to sit up. The patients will also greatly benefit from sleeping or raised resting in different kind of positions. The backrest adjustment is extremely beneficial for patients who suffer from respiratory disorders for maximum oxygen intake.

Feet/Knee adjustment

The next adjustment possible on hospital beds is foot/leg/knee elevation. This adjustment comes with articulation, which helps the knees raise above the feet. It aligns with the head adjustment, so the bed almost looks like a usual chair.

This adjustment is most beneficial for patients who suffer from heart issues.The feature will improve blood circulation and speed up hip recovery. The patient bed is able to be adjusted at an angle of more than 90° to relieve pressure.

FAQs About Hospital Beds and Features

Height adjustment

The height adjustment is called the high-low adjustment as it maintains the height. It is an important feature related to convenience and safety for the patient. The feature helps the patient to be adjusted for a medical professional or caregiver to provide the treatment. Getting patients out of bed too high or too low can be detrimental to their healing process. Intense pressure on the feet touching the ground can sometimes adversely affect the patient’s health status unexpectedly. For patients with severe immobility or limited freedom of movement, the height of the hospital bed can be adjusted to the same level as the wheelchair.

Trendelenburg Position or Reverse Trendelenburg Position

This position is useful during operations and for patients with circulatory and respiratory diseases. The position involves lowering the head further from the legs.

When the position is reversed, it is called the inverted Trendelenburg Position. In this scenario, the patient’s head rises more than the feet.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions.

As Hospitallium, you can ask us all the questions you have about the hospital bed. We are pleased to share with you the experiences we have gained in the sector since 2005.

By contacting Hospitallium, you can ask about motorized Hospital Beds, patient beds motor power, structure of the hospital bed, coating, paint, life of the bed, comfort that it will provide to the patient. You can get information about many issues such as buying a hospital bed, how to place it or how to use it when you buy a bed, how to clean it, especially how it should be used in the care of the patient.

In addition, if you have a problem with the beds you have purchased from us, you can call us, inform us about the problem and ask us for help in this regard. As Hospitallium, we return to you as soon as possible with solution methods.

Hospital Beds with CPR Feature

It allows the patient to be placed in the first responder position so that cardiac massage can be performed in the face of an emergency situation. the life-saving positions used in case of first and emergency intervention enable the patient to overcome the life danger in a much shorter time.

Please contact for more information.

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