What to consider when designing a Hospital Bed

Designing a Patient Bed is a important subject. In the design of Hospital Beds, attention should be paid to the length of the bed, the width of the bed, the angle of inclination of the head, the height of the bed, and also the dimensions of the railing, so that patients can be comfortable when using them. Let us give information about Designing a Hospital Bed.

Designing a Hospital Bed
Designing a Hospital Bed

Measurable Body Size in Hospital Bed Design

Body measurements are measured to make the Hospital Bed more ergonomic:

Designing a Patient Bed

1. Standing body height

This body size is used to achieve the ideal bed length so that it is not too long or short when used.

2. Shoulder height

Shoulder height was used as a measure of the curves of the hospital bed.

3. Waist height

Waist height is used as a measure of curves, as well as shoulder height. Important to manufacturing a Patient Bed.

4. Shoulder width

The dimensions of the body, which are then measured, are shoulder width apart. Shoulder width is used as a reference in determining the width of the hospital bed.

5. Stomach thickness

To minimize the risk of the patient falling out of bed, the thickness of the stomach is used to measure the height of the railing. It is an important point for a hospital bed design.

6. Weight

Body weight is also measured to determine how strong the structure should be designed.

So, these are 6 body sizes that should be taken into account when making a comfortable hospital bed. The design of a safe and comfortable hospital bed can make it easier for nurses and doctors to treat their patients.

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