A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs

Guide to Dental Chairs

Do you need A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs? Are you a new dental chair buyer? When it comes to buying brand new dental chairs, there are a few key features and benefits to consider. Fortunately, we’ve created a simple buyer’s guide for dental chairs to help you and your patients find the right dental chair!

A Buyer's Guide to Dental Chairs
A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Unit

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Buying a dental chair can be quite daunting, especially since there are so many factors to consider. But the most important thing to consider is whether the dental chair can make the dental procedure a positive experience for both the practitioner and the patient. To ensure this, here are a few factors to consider:

1) Evaluating the Latest Chair Equipment

Dental chair technology is evolving rapidly each year due to ongoing research and the quest to simplify treatment. Seat selection means trying to evaluate whether the technology offered by the seat is practical and long-lasting.

Another factor to consider is that some dental chairs offer future-proof platforms with post-purchase additions. Leaving room for future advancements is another thing to consider in the purchasing process.

2) Ensuring Comfort and Ergonomics

A brand new dental chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. It should have good padding, adjustment and armrests to help the patient feel more comfortable. The chair should also be ergonomic for the dentist and allow them to adjust the height for better access to the oral cavity.

Therefore, a dental chair should easily adapt to the practitioner ergonomically and functionally to ensure that both parties remain comfortable and relaxed.

3) Functionality

The functionality may be related to the technologies or controls of the chair. Modern dental units are often electronic and include a foot and touchable control panel for quick adjustments. Foot operated units are also advantageous because they allow the dentist to use hands-free. The functionality of a chair will determine how efficient the dental procedure will be, so it is an element to consider.

When a patient enters your dental practice, it is important that they feel both comfortable and confident throughout the procedure. When they see that your dental chair is equipped with up-to-date chair technology and appearance to ensure a positive and confident experience from your patients.

4) Operator Configurations

There are some dental chairs that are stand-alone units and others with extensive accessory support. They may also already be equipped with features like lights and mirrors. A dental chair in an all-in-one configuration is an excellent choice for your dental practice, especially if your treatment rooms are small or limited.

5) Easy maintenance

A dental chair should be easy to maintain. For example, a dental unit should be easy to clean. Eco-friendly models are very popular today because they are easier to clean than other materials.

Dental Chair Guide
Dental Chair Guide

6) Keeping it in Budget

While you want to make sure your dental chair has all the latest features, is comfortable, ergonomic and more, it’s important that you stay within your budget. This is an important standard that must be established before purchasing a brand new dental chair. You won’t want to run out of money after the purchase!

A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs


Choosing the right dental chair may seem like a long and arduous task, but with this simple guide, we hope we’ve made the process a whole lot easier. When purchasing a dental chair, consider factors such as equipment technology, comfort and ergonomics, functionality, configurations, maintenance and most importantly, budget. All these factors can help you choose the right dental chair for your practice.

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