What options are available for dental units?

What options are available for dental units? Some more advanced dental chairs offer additional selections such as a video monitor or x-ray generator.

In the latter case, intraoral phosphor plate x-ray systems allow images to be obtained instantly. Panoramic radiographs or orthodontic images can be taken. Some manufacturers offer high-end solutions that guarantee high-contrast and accurate images with low-dose radiation.

There are also portable x-ray generators that allow you to take intraoral x-rays in cases where a fixed x-ray generator is not available.

What options are available for dental units?
What options are available for dental units?

What options are available for Dental Chairs?

More and more practitioners are turning to digital dentistry to further optimize their practice. With this technology, patients can obtain panoramic, orthodontic or 3D images almost instantly. Please click here to reach hospital and dental furniture manufacturer Hospitallium’s relative products. Do not hesitate to consult a Hospitallium sales specialist for detailed information on this subject.

The ergonomics of your dental chair affects the comfort of your patients as well as the productivity of you and your staff.

For the patient, the chair should provide good support and cushioning, regardless of size. Some chairs are designed to synchronize with the patient’s body when the chair is lowered or raised to eliminate repositioning. Look for headrests with adjustable positioning, especially if your application involves children.

What selections are available for dental chairs?

Don’t forget the movable armrests to make it easier for the patient to get in and out.

For you, the chair should bring your patients close enough to perform your procedures, yet still allow you to maintain a healthy posture. Also consider the width of the back of the chair.What options are available for dental units? Wide rear seats provide more comfort to your patients, but may make it difficult for you to access them. A dental chair with a narrower back can make your job easier, so find a chair that’s the right width for you.

What options are available for dental units?

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