Revolution in The Dental Clinic. The ever-evolving dental clinic has plunged into a series of fundamental changes after the emergence of new technologies, and this evolution will accelerate with the application of Artificial Intelligence to the industry. So what will the dental clinic of the future look like? Let’s examine the issue from the point of view of Hospitallium, a leading manufacturer of dental units since 2005.

Regarding the revolutionary innovations, some of which are in use today and others are consolidated, we believe it will still take some time to be implemented in the dental clinic: gesture recognition applications; virtual reality glasses that will allow anyone with a dental phobia to evade the consultation and even use multisensory marketing with lighting and scents that create a sense of calm. On the other hand, online training will become more common thanks to video conferencing and augmented reality.

Revolution in The Dental Clinic
Revolution in The Dental Clinic

The technological revolution is changing the marketing and communication dynamics of clinics to interact with patients: more and more clinics are using social networks; Develop multi-channel strategies. They try to produce emotional experiences in their care areas or focus their services on the millennial generation with aspects that are more sensitive to aesthetics, style and fun.

Also, there are already some innovations that are likely to be implemented in the not-too-distant future, such as the creation of lounges with a relaxed atmosphere; It does not wait more than 15 minutes; catering cart, newspaper and brush set etc. with special service stewardesses.

In short, “over the next few years, the dental clinic will have to advance in the development of a true discipline of patient experience management. They will need to design experiences and incorporate cutting-edge technologies into their clinics that allow them to not only provide services, but also deliver a cutting-edge service.

If you have questions about dental units and equipment, do not hesitate to contact Hospitallium, the leading manufacturer in Turkey.

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