What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?

Dental Unit Parts Descriptions

What are the equipment and materials used in dental health, let us answer this question together. Many devices, hand tools and consumables are used in dental health care. A few of them are as follows; Dental Unit, Autoclave, X-Ray Machine, Examination Kit.

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?

Dental unit (Dental Unit) The dental unit is the professional tool that the physician uses to treat his patient. Dental treatment procedures are performed in this chair. According to the dentist’s work, the unit can move up and down, and can move into an upright and lying position.

Dental Unit; It consists of photo, reflector light, glass or seramic cuspidor, treatment unit, unit foot pedal, junction box and physician stool.

Reflector: Special and adjustable lamp.

A Dental Unit Reflector
A Dental Unit Reflector

Cuspidor: A small basin with a small basin where the patient can spit and a spout under which a glass can be placed.

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?
A Cuspidor

Treatment Unit: The tray where the materials to be used during the treatment will be placed, the heads used for caries removal and tooth cutting are attached to the special slots, and the table carrying the command buttons.

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?
A Dental Unit

Unit Pedal: The equipment that moves the dental unit.

Compressor: The device that produces the compressed air required for the entire system.

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?

Suction: The equipment that removes saliva and necessary water from the aerator from the mouth.

Autoclave: Autoclave ensures that the hand tools used during the patient treatment are sterilized. Autoclave provides sterilization at high temperature, with dry air or pressurized steam.

X-Ray Device: It is used to take a film of the teeth before, during or after the treatment. It is used mainly in 2 types of dentistry, periapical and panoramic.

Amalgamator: 2 substances are used in the production of dental fillings. One of them is amalgam, which is metallic gray in color. This filling is in a capsule and a device called an amalgamator is used to mix this filling.

Light Gun: The white colored filling used in the production of dental filling is called composite and this filling is hardened with a blue light emitting light gun.

Let’s continue with the definitions about the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health.

Examination Team: The dentist uses many hand tools during treatment. The trio of mirror, press and probe, which is needed at the beginning of the examination and used in all patients, is called the examination set.

Mirror: Mirror is a tool consisting of two parts that helps the dentist to see the teeth and mouth structures.

Sond: It is a tool used by dentists for diagnostic purposes, which can be pointed, flat and sickle-tipped.

Presel: Presel is a device that allows materials such as cotton rolls to be transported to the patients mouth.

Cement Spatula: It is a tool for mixing cement.

Mouth Spatula: It is a tool used to take cements or fillers into the mouth.

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?

Cement Fulvar: It is a tool for placing the cement on the tooth.

Amalgam Fulvar: It is a tool for kicking amalgam on the tooth.

Cretoire: It is a hand tool with sharp two surfaces, which is used to remove the tartar on the gingiva.

Curette: A spoon-shaped surgical device used to drain an abscess or scrape away dead tissue.

Davye: They are tools used in tooth extraction, made of steel that is structured in different shapes and properties according to the tooth to be extracted.

Elevator: In dentistry, it is a tool that helps to move the tooth to be extracted and to remove the tooth roots by raising them in the alveoli.

Rotary heads: Aerator, contra-angle and micromotor are needed for tooth cutting, filling and tooth abrasion. These tools work with compressed air and abrasive tips called burs are attached to their ends. Contra-angle handpiece and micromotor are attached to each other and the aerator is used alone.

We hope you found the answers for What are the Equipment and Materials Used in nd Dental Health? question.

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