Aluminum or Plastic?

What are the Equipment and Materials Used in Dental Health?

Aluminum or Plastic? Plastic is widely used in a variety of daily needs, but how often do we evaluate plastic’s long-term impact on the environment compared to other sustainable alternatives? Aluminum is a wonderful metal that is light and malleable but also very strong. Because of these properties, aluminum can be used to make a variety of things, from airplanes and cars to skyscrapers and food packaging. As Hospitallium, an expert manufacturer of Turkish origin, we will share our knowledge with you.

Today we will talk with you about aluminum and why it is a more sustainable alternative to plastic.

First of all, aluminum is much more durable than plastic. When you compare a dental unit with a plastic cover and a dental unit made of aluminum, you will see that after a few years the white plastic parts will turn yellow. Plastic is also more brittle with most cleaning products and dries and cracks more easily.

Secondly, aluminum is great for reuse or reuse (almost forever). In fact, about 75% of the aluminum ever made is still used today. Through the lens of environmental impact, plastic is much more dangerous than aluminum.

Aluminum or Plastic?

Because it is infinitely recyclable unlike plastic, it does not lose quality when recycled) recycling aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminum. However, many plastics used today cannot be recycled as they do not deteriorate or break down and are difficult to dispose of. And when they are recycled, they lose their quality and continue to decline until they become non-recyclable. Therefore, making aluminum material is a much more sustainable alternative to plastic material. Dental Units, Clinical cabins, workbenches are a reflection of the production experience since 2005. Hospitallium is a leading hospital  and dental equipment manufacturer in Eurasia.

At Hospitallium, we are sensitive to the environment and prefer more environmentally friendly and long-lasting, sustainable and durable materials. We work with a local aluminum foundry and we mill and assemble the parts ourselves with care and dedication. To provide a quality dental unit that will last for decades.

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