Types of dental chair control units

Dental chair control unit types . Each dental unit may have different ways to control dental instruments via a standard pedal, wireless pedal or touchscreen. Technological advances mean that dental equipment can be modernized and transformed very quickly, from traditional dental chair models to the latest technological developments.

Types of pedals according to dental equipment

The pedal is one of the most important elements in the dental unit. Thanks to this pedal, we can activate rotating instruments and seat controls.

Depending on the model we choose, the most common are lever pedals. The pedal can have a vertical activation or be on the side and offer a square, rectangular or round shape.

Dental chair control unit types
Dental chair control unit types


During use of the universal pedal controller, the foot undergoes a flexion (extension) followed by a flexion (extension).

Dental chair control types

To actuate the combined slide pedal controller, the foot must operate in a combined vertical and horizontal motion. During this movement, the foot bends and exerts pressure on the pedal.

The operation of the pedal controller requires the application of constant pressure, as well as multiple movements (flexing and extension) in a vertical axis.

The foot moves the least amount of time when using the sliding rotation controller. This happens primarily because of horizontal foot movement and the foot being on the ground most of the time. It also has the lowest pressure load of any foot controller tested.

Dental chair control unit types

As a result of the different types of movement involved, the first three foot controllers show significant differences in tension in the lumbar spine, while the sliding rotation type does not show any change in this spine region.

Over the years, advances in technology and the rise of innovation also in the dental sector, we are increasingly seeing more multifunction pedals. One of the advantages of  Hospitallium Dentpass and Dentclass series, the pedals are ergonomic and durable.

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